Help your customers and staff book tee-times quicker and easier than ever.

TeeRocket’s tee-sheet and online reservation system make booking tee-times a joy for both you and your customers, and eliminates the stress caused by your current tee-sheet software.

We Feel Your Pain.

Tee-Sheet software is too difficult to use and the companies that provide it take too much from their customers. Tell us if we're describing your situation below...

Does It Take Too Many Clicks To Check In A Golfer Or Do Your Most Routine Tasks?

Do Your Customers Complain About The Complexity Of Your Online Reservation System?

Are You Sick Of Having To Trade Or Barter Your Tee-Times In Exchange For Your Current Tee-Sheet Software?

Are You Losing Revenue Because Your Online Reservation System Isn't Flexible Enough to help you Fill all your Time-slots?

Do You Need Simple Ways To Communicate With Your Golfers Using Text And Email?

Has Your Tee-Sheet Software Ever Been Down During Peak Business Hours, Causing Stress For Your Staff And Frustration For Your Customers?

We've solved these problems and more by focusing on building three incredible products: the Tee-Sheet, Online Reservations and the Point-of-Sale.

Arm your staff with a powerful, easy-to-use Tee-Sheet.

Add & edit tee-time groups in seconds.

Easily change days with one click.

Drag and drop tee-times to change timeslots.

Block times for tournaments and maintenance.

Set recurring tee-times for specific days.

Seamless integration with our online reservation widget.

All the features, without sacrificing simplicity...

See all your reservations on screen in real-time (including what is being actively booked online) without refreshing the page!

Manage multiple courses at once.

Select shirt color for each golfer in a group for easy visual identification.

Printout your tee sheet each day for added piece-of-mind!

100% uptime. We’re hosted on Google’s servers which haven’t seen an interruption in service in over 4 years!

Store contact info and notes on each golfer.

Mark all golfers as paid, checked-in, or to assign all golfers a cart with just one-click!

Work from anywhere with our cloud-based software!

Delight your customers by allowing them to book online with ease!

Beautifully Simple.

Our user-interface let’s your golfers book their tee-times in less than 10 seconds. No kidding!

Seamless integration.

Instantly see when a golfer is in the process of booking online right from your tee-sheet! This makes sure you don’t double-book a tee-time!

Easy Signups.

When a golfer first uses the system, they simply enter an email, a phone number and BOOM! They’re already booking their first round in seconds and you now have their info for marketing purposes!


Instant Receipts

Reservations are instantly confirmed for the golfer via text-message and email!

Prevent No-Shows

Choose days and times when payment is required up front, whether to pay for one golfer or the entire group, and even flag individual golfers to force payment each time!

Ultimate Flexibility.

In addition to setting payment options, you can also assign which tees golfers can book from at different times of the day! More details below!

Custom widget rules allow you to take complete control of your reservation widget...

Want to allow for 9 hole rounds to be booked on the back-nine for early part of each day? No problem! You can specify multiple scenarios where either side of your course can be booked (or not) during specific hours of each day!

Have someone who has no-showed on you? You can flag them in the system to always require payment up front!

Have season-pass holders? You can flag them so payment is never required to book online!

Tired of no-shows on the weekend? Require payment up front during your busiest days and hours! You can even choose to require payment for the golfer only or the entire group!

Choose to set a cut-off point where golfers can no longer cancel their round. For example, you might choose to not allow cancellations within 24 hours of their tee-time.

Set how many days in advance golfers can book a tee-time, and how many minutes in advance for current-day bookings!

The easiest-to-use Point of Sale for Golf Courses. Period.

Seamless integration between the Tee-Sheet and the Point of Sale.

Add any item to the cart in 2 clicks or less.

Send whole or partial tee-time groups to the cart.

Integrated reporting and transaction history.

Create your own custom POS literally in minutes and make edits in seconds.

Highlight most-common items or create a color-coded system that is all your own.

Credit card terminal hardware for secure payments

Why Choose Us

Made by Golf Course Owners Like You

We’re a golf course that invested in creating our own solution. We use this product every day and are committed to its future!

You Own The Customer Relationship

We don’t market to the golfers behind your back. You work hard to sign up golfers and you alone have the right to market your tee-times.

You can Keep your Payment Processor

We don’t take a cut! We’ve worked hard to interface with your preferred payment gateway so you don’t have to share revenue!

No Contracts. No up-Front Costs. No Bartering.

We charge one low monthly fee. Cancel at any time. You can even pause your account in the offseason!!

What if you could actually start today to take control of your tee times?

We can have you taking tee-times within an hour AND you won’t be asked for a credit card! You truly have nothing to lose!